Privacy Policy

This explains the way BuzFind gathers, utilizes, explains to you, secures information on our owned, run web-sites, mobile phone software and other qualities, the solutions we use in order to contact people and assist in communications among buyers plus the organizations who promote with us. However, you must look at over the plan regarding full details, the following supplies an index of the most essential facets of our privacy practices.

Our company knows the value of business privacy, that why we take the privacy policy with business owners seriously. We run our business base on the online privacy policy ACT AB (68). We follow the rules very sincerely and we do not collect over the American privacy policy act AB (68), and this law explain well how much we take information from any business or person, how much we can share that information. We may update our privacy policy based on our clients demand so you should check our privacy policy in a regular basis.

In a short

  • We/Buzfind will use your private data so that we/Buzfind can provide you our services or product fast and accurately.
  • To make your service/business available to actual client we took your service details, information about you and your business, the place of your business etc.
  • To send fast support or upload any data you previously requested, we/Buzfind keep your browsing data, history, IP address and web page you requested to open.
  • Often we share your private data to third party, if you requested to do so or the third party use our app and linked with us.
  • We/Buzfind collect your every service data information and private details, so that we/Buzfind can control about sharing the information.
  • We/Buzfind recommend you do not share or provide your highly sensitive personal details directly to your client or with us. If it causes any problem in future then we/Buzfind are not to blame, and we/Buzfind will not be part your highly case sensitive data.

If you have to ask any question then please checkout our FAQ:

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