BuzFind is an online business directory, to search and establish any local business.
Our Company only gathers your non-sensitive data like your id, present plus permanent address, passport info, driving licensee info, website preferences etc. If you want, you can keep your data secure in here. It all depends how we advertise to you and what kind of advertise your market/clients will get form you.
Yes, We collect and keep your personal information for future service. Base on your choice we advertise on your profile so that you can find something useful easily and it way keep away several things, which things you do not like.
1. To track or check your identity
2. To ensure your debt range
3. To manage or develop our services
4. To offer our manufacturing or services
5. Promote and market our product to you
6. Promote and market your services to your genuine client
1. Clients inquiries
2. Email inquires
3. Payment or Credit limit inquires
4. Information verification
5. Running and maintaining your marketing area or clients
If we/ BuzFind have to share your private data, then we/BuzFind follow the privacy policy rules seriously
We/BuzFind keep date, your requested URL and record of web service. To make better experience we/BuzFind keep these data. If needed we/BuzFind use third parties to check or analyze any information.
Actually no but if there is any issue appear then we/BuzFind provide instant support and information
Incase, you need any loan to purchase then we only provide credit info along with credit ability base on American pricy policy Act.
We/BuzFind suggest you, you should follow or checkout their privacy policy
It is very important for both of us (We/BuzFind and the client) to keep actual data. Anytime you can update your/your business profile details and home address if your provided data is changed. Besides, we/BuzFind are ready to support any time if it is essential to edit and update your profile data.
You can ask any question or support directly via website. We will contact with you within 30 days via mail.
If you need more information than our/BuzFind officers will contact you.

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